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Nurse Call Bells Tyrone

Nurse Call Bells Tyrone

BP Multipage Limited

BP Multipage Ltd specialise in solutions that provide real-time, secure communications for critical needs. In healthcare, pharma, and high-tech industries, major brands rely on us to define, design and implement the optimum solutions to meet their needs. Our strong engineering capability and 35-year pedigree mean we'll know what you need and how to get it to you. BP Multipage Ltd. is the leading supplier to public/private hospitals and care homes in Ireland. Fast and reliable communications are the foundation of an effective healthcare system. Whether you are looking to improve communications at your GP clinic, in hospitals, organisations, or care homes, BP Multipage Ltd. can design and implement systems around your specific needs.
Nurse call systems (also known as "call bell" or “bleeper” systems) link medical patients with their nursing staff.
Lone Worker and “Man Down” alarm systems aid in the protection of employees who work in hazardous environments. These include psychiatric wards, emergency departments, and laboratories, where the risk of injury is high.
Messaging and paging systems enable key personnel within an organization to receive emergency notifications and location information.
A successful healthcare system is built on the basis of fast and efficient communication. We develop and incorporate systems around your unique needs.