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Introduction to PEMAC Assets CMMS - Kildare, Ireland

Introduction to PEMAC Assets CMMS - Kildare, Ireland


PEMAC Assets is a Best-of-Breed CMMS (Computerised Maintenance Management System) designed to assist you in the planning, management, and implementation of an effective asset maintenance strategy. Functionally, the system allows you to identify your critical assets, dynamically create preventive maintenance plans, generate, plan and report on work orders; develop a traceable asset history and record spare parts transactions. Strategically, PEMAC’s Maintenance Intelligence Dashboard and Reports allow you to use historic and real-time data to create time or performance-based maintenance strategies and ensure maximum asset availability.

Ultimately, PEMAC Assets ensures that assets and equipment are available when needed and running efficiently and cost-effectively. Using historical asset data and real-time equipment feeds (runtime hours), PEMAC Assets produces preventive maintenance insights (time-based, usage-based or condition monitoring) to optimise the lifecycle of assets and ensure your maintenance strategy is lean

Kildare, Ireland