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Sales Training Dublin Ireland

Sales Training Dublin Ireland

Woodhazel Consulting Limited

We help individuals and businesses to maximise their potential to sell and market the best of who they are.

Our support is tailored for the enthusiastic and reluctant professional.

We are Dublin based sales and marketing management consultancy and offer bespoke training, coaching and mentoring. Our practical courses, workshops and individual programmes online and in person are personalised to reflect the unique characteristics of an individual or business.

Our services can help you recruit, train, coach and motivate staff and provide you with friendly advice on how to increase your sales and manage yourself or sales and marketing teams. At an individual level this might be helping you to develop your personal brand & refine your selling style.

We create down to earth connection that will inspire and empower and we specialise in helping professional people in all aspects of their business and personal life to enhance performance, grow in confidence and focus on what matters.